Fruity Yummy Mummy Makes Your Tummy Go "Yummy".

This time, the cereal mascot is a Mummy, but a little more fruity than the ones from the movies.

According to the box it's an artificial orange cream flavor cereal with marshmallows, and the monster is a mummy but with more colorful wrapping than his less fruity movie counterparts. And his oppose-able thumb is separated so he can hold a spoon and eat the cereal.


I could actually taste the orange cream flavor, and as a fan of it, that made this cereal taste pretty good. The "monster mallow" didn't hurt either - I mean taste-wise, if I wasn't good about flossing and brushing they'd probably add to the getting cavities risk. Once again, the cereal is shaped like ghosts, this time orange and red, with yellow and purple marshmallows.

As you can hopefully see, the cereal leaves you with a nice flavored milk with a color that is more pink than orange, I guess the red cereal influenced the color more than the orange. Either way, it tasted good.


So if you don't have a problem with sugary artificially colored cereal, dig in, it's good. And if it makes any difference, sugar (at 9g) isn't the first ingredient, it's 3rd after Whole Grain Corn and Corn Meal (the marshmallows are 4th). It's also fortified with 13 vitamins and minerals meeting 6, 10 or 25% of the daily recommended value. So with a little denial you can almost convince yourself it's good for you.


The box also includes some trivia, including the catch-phrase, which is the first line in this post, and kind of a mouthful for this one. (If some of the review sounds similar to the one for Frute Brute, then good eye, I copy-pasta'd the parts that apply to all the cereals).

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