It's alive (with flavor)!

This time, the cereal mascot is Frankenstein's monster's strawberry themed cousin.


According to the box it's an artificial strawberry flavor cereal with marshmallows, and the monster is a the one Dr. Frankenstein created, but pink because strawberries.

I feel like they missed an opportunity here, to make it more Frankenstein's monster themed by having it made up of artificially strawberry, raspberry and blackberry cereals (not sure if they'd want to include blueberry since there's already a cereal for that), so it would be like the Frankenstein's monster of berry flavors, but without the grave digging.

I couldn't really taste the (artificial) strawberry on this one, but I could taste the sugar so I still liked it. Once again, the cereal is shaped like ghosts, this time with pink, blue and purple marshmallows, and I think I saw some ghost and bat shapes in there.


As you can hopefully see, the cereal leaves you with what looks like strawberry milk, but mostly tastes like pink colored sugar milk. Which is to say it's good, but I would have preferred a stronger strawberry flavor since I like strawberry milk.


So if you don't have a problem with sugary artificially colored cereal, dig in, it's good. And if it makes any difference, sugar (at 9g) isn't the first ingredient, it's 3rd after Whole Grain Corn and Corn Meal (the marshmallows are 4th). It's also fortified with 13 vitamins and minerals meeting 6, 10 or 25% of the daily recommended value. So with a little denial you can almost convince yourself it's good for you.

The box also includes some trivia, but no logo this time. I made up that "It's alive (with flavor)!" one myself, so let me know what you think of my marketing skills . (If some of the review sounds similar to the ones for Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy, then good eye, I copy-pasta'd the parts that apply to all the cereals).

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