Sight Seeing During the 2016 LA Marathon

Some pictures taken from along the course of the 2016 LA Marathon, on February 14, 2016.

Had some time to kill before it started, and I’m never going to get seats this good when there’s an actual Dodgers game happening.
The view of the stadium from where we waited to start the run.
A band that uses taiko drums. Little Tokyo
Still Little Tokyo, with a full taiko drum performance.
This is around the 5 mile point Yes, there’s a group giving out chili cheese dogs to the runners when they still have 20 miles to go.
They were here last year too. As much as I love chili cheese dogs and free food, I didn’t see this as a good idea and passed.
Echo Park, as recently seen on the Agent Carter season 2 premiere (but not frozen this time).
The [Insert sponsor here] Chinese Theater
Some Native American performers in the West LA part of the run.

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