Google Wallet, WP Wallet, and Apple Pay all use the same NFC technology.

With all the talk about Apple Pay, and the ongoing battle with CurrentC (the already hacked alternative that wants you to provide your direct bank account info), there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about how Apple Pay works and why turning off NFC terminals also affects Google Wallet & Windows Phone Wallet… » 10/30/14 2:16pm Today 2:16pm

Jack Skellington! Today's going fairly well. I woke up a little late again and skipped breakfast again but ate the last 2 halves of donuts left from yesterday. But then someone brought in more pastries and I just had a cinammon somehting, I cut a piece since there weren't enough whole ones for everybody. » 10/30/14 2:00pm Today 2:00pm

Loved last night's episde, especially Nyssa echoing what I'm sure a lot fo viewers were thinking about Laurel with "you're not fit to wear that jacket", or maybe she just meant it literally because the sisters are different builds so how does it happen to fit just fine on both of them? I also want to see more… » 10/30/14 10:14am Today 10:14am

I know some places will refuse to let anyone get all 5s, or some will suggest not doing so if you're supposed to self-review first because then there's no where to go but down. But getting all 3s no matter what really gives no reason to try harder. » 10/30/14 9:42am Today 9:42am

I hear you on the rewards thing. All my credit cards are cash back cards, and I think Discover is the only one you can use through Google Wallet and still get the reward so I mostly just swipe my cards too. Except with my Chase Freedom, that came with an NFC chip so I can tap it if there's a terminal (but most of the… » 10/30/14 12:36pm Today 12:36pm

The Wolf Among US (Android version) now available on Google Play Store…

After only being available as an Amazon App Store exclusive, the Android version of Telltale Games' The Wolf Among Us, featuring characters from the Fables comic book series, is now available through the Google Play store. You can read more about that on Android Police. » 10/30/14 2:22am Today 2:22am

Forgot to mention, when I was watching Finch at the conference, I kept thinking "what if he has to do a presentation and it gets recorded and somehow Grace see its and find's out he's alive?" Or worse, what if someone from team-Samaritan sees it? I mean hopefully the machine could cover for him by having anything… » 10/29/14 5:23pm Yesterday 5:23pm