Since you mentioned Mark Waid, and his awesome take on Daredevil, I’d also like to add his take on Bruce Banner and his alter ego in The Indestructible Hulk, with Banner offering to work at SHIELD doing science stuff and when they need a wrecking ball sent into a situation the Hulk is available. And what first made me… » 4/17/15 7:29pm Yesterday 7:29pm

If these show up in the freezer section at my grocery store, I will be having Brr-ito & choco taco combos every night for the week that I buy them. My teeth are fine biting into ice cream, and I don’t get brain freeze, I look forward to these and don’t even care about the cheesey name. » 4/17/15 6:16pm Yesterday 6:16pm

Let’s give these guys some credit, they’re breaking the stereotype that hardcore fans of either OS are just meek nerds who won’t get into a broken bottle stabbing over their personal preference, and that they’re just as capable of being drunken idiots as hardcore sports fans. » 4/17/15 5:18pm Yesterday 5:18pm

If not as She-Hulk, I really want to at least see Jennifer Walters in court as the opposing lawyer for whoever Matt and Foggy are representing on a case. Or at least a name drop, like “they’re settling out of court, which is good because I just found out their lawyer was Jennifer Walters.” » 4/17/15 3:55pm Yesterday 3:55pm

Got to work for real on time (actually at 9am) so I could make it to a 9:30 meeting. I actually went to sleep earlier than usual last night so I could have an easier time waking up. It also helped that I haven’t really put aside time for exercise in the morning this week since I’ve been sick/recovering. Also had time… » 4/17/15 3:48pm Yesterday 3:48pm

I can't recommend the Peter David Aquaman series enough, I know the current Geoff Johns series gets a lot of credit for making Aquaman "not a joke" but Peter David already did that over a decade earlier, and this is the version that was used for the JLU series. » 4/17/15 1:35pm Yesterday 1:35pm